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Our Story - A Bag's Life

I am an Enviro-Pros shopping bag. I was born the day the checker at John's Super Market scanned my barcode. I didn't even have time to stretch my burlap legs before I was stuffed with a two heads of Romaine lettuce, a bottle of olive oil, anchovy paste and a sourdough baguette. I think my mom was making Caesar salad that night.

In the parking lot, as I was being loaded into the backseat of her Prius, I couldn't help overhear someone say, "Nice bag! Where did you get it and how much did it cost?" My mom explained that it was handed out free at Whole Foods. "No way!" the woman exclaimed, "I'm going to go buy something from John's Super Market. I've always wanted re-usable bags but they are so expensive." "Yeah, I know what you mean." replied my mother, "re-usable bags cost from $2 each at other stores and they're not even biodegradable."

After we got home I was set on the kitchen table and unloaded. When my mom reached the bottom of the bag, she pulled out a handful of coupons. "Wow, these are great!" she said, "I love Mountain Albertos Pizza and I need to get my oil changed at Ace Oil Change. And look, here is a circular fromJohn's Super Market with next week's specials."

Just then my dad came home from work and put his keys on the table beside me. He glanced at the Apple Computer logo printed on my right side and said, "You know dear, that reminds me, J's Electronics is coming out with a new tablet device real soon and I've decided to buy one. Where's the nearest J's Electronics store?"

Two days later my dad took me shopping at Valley Auto Parts to get some car wax and polishing compound. At the register the Kragen's area manager, who happened to be visiting the store, saw me and complimented my dad. "That's a very unique bag." he said, "I wish I could get the Valley Auto Parts' logo on there. I wonder how you do that." "I don't know," said my dad, "but I bet if you went to the website printed here on the inside of the handle,, you could find out."

That weekend my mom drove my teenage sister to the mall to shop and meet some of her friends. My sister saw me lying in back seat and asked if she could take me to the mall. She's very environmentally conscious for her age. She even built a composter in the backyard for one of her science projects. The mall was packed. Everywhere we went, people admired my burlap and looked at the eight corporate logos printed on me.

I'm six weeks old now and I have eight sisters and brothers. Each week when my mom goes shopping at Whole Foods, she gets another bag. Last week she got an Enviro-Pros bag from Shop N Save and 24Hour Market. My mom is happy that she never has to use another disposable plastic bag again. She cares about the environment and knows that when I get frayed and unusable, I'll end up on the compost pile and not in the oceans and landfill.

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