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Be a Green Trend-Setter!
.and the first retailer to give customers
FREE re-usable shopping bags

The Enviro-Pros welcomes any retailer who wants to provide its customers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags. To become a distributor, a retailer must agree not to resell The Enviro-Pros bags to shoppers and not to remove any pre-printed inserts.


. Priced comparably with high quality paper bags at 15 cents each, distributors will recover their initial investment   when a bag is used the second time, and make profit when it is used the third time.

. Scanning the barcode on each bag lets you track its lifecycle and calculate your return-on-investment.

. Leverage your investment in-house! Combine your bag with store promotions: make it a reward for certain product   purchases or dollar amount purchases, give it to loyal customers and even promote it in your newspaper ads.

. Print your logo on the bag for an additional fee. Your customers will use their bags for purchases in other stores,   branding your company to a wider audience in a wider geographic range.

We look forward to developing long lasting partnerships with our distributors. Please contact our office at: 408.835.0494 to find out on how you can become a distributor of The Enviro-Pros shopping bags.

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