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Never pay for a shopping bag again!

Plastic bags are being banned throughout Bay Area counties and there may soon be a fee to use plastic bags or paper bags. Instead of buying your own reusable bags, TheEnviro-Pros make it possible for shoppers to get them free! TheEnviro-Pros shopping bags are made from burlap which is both reusable and biodegradable. They will decompose within three months after they are discarded. At participating retailers, the burlap bags will be handed out to you free, just as plastic and paper bags are now.

Get your free Enviro-Pros shopping bags from your local retailers shown on our map of distributors. Encourage your favorite non-participating retailers to contact to find out how they can become a distributor and be a part of the Go Green solution.

Help clean the environment by using your reusable shopping bags.

We are not finished yet. After empting your grocery shopping bag you’ll find surprising coupon gifts from your local retailers.

Once TheEnviro shopping bags are finished serving you, simply place them in the compost bin. These bags will decompose by themselves once left out in the natural environment.

Then go to your local distributor and get another. It’s that simple.

With your support, we can clean up our landfills and oceans and save seabird and mammals. Won’t you join us and truly make the difference which we’ve all been waiting for.

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