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Corporate Branding


The Enviro-Pros print multiple company logos on each bag, providing an exceptional branding opportunity for advertisers. The “hands-on” usage of the bag creates nearly a 100% view rate by shoppers. Like a walking billboard, innumerable extra views are created when the bag is reused multiple times in multiple stores.

Why should corporate advertisers trust their branding campaign to the real pros, The Enviro-Pros?

• Receive a whopping 8 million actual views - not impressions.
• Pay an unheard of rate of .0006 cents per view.
• Your advertising will end up in consumers’ homes and be seen   many times during the life of the bag.
• Your advertising will become a part of the consumer’s   consciousness.
• You select a specific geographical distribution area for your ad
• Each time a bag is used, your ad gets at least 10 additional views.   Consumers become a walking billboard for you.
• Each view will last minutes, not seconds, unlike other forms of   advertising.
• Bags turn into compost when they are discarded.
• Become a leader in “Going Green”. The Enviro-Pros will do the   work while you get the credit.
• Possibly receive awards or grants form environmental agencies.

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