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The Enviro-Pros is an advertising agency that uses environmentally- friendly promotional products to create return-on-investment (ROI) for its clients. Our flagship green marketing product is the Enviro-Pro biodegradable shopping bag. Advertiser fees for corporate logos printed on the bags allow us to distribute The Enviro-Pro shopping bags at a low cost through pre-qualified retailers, who then hand them out free to shoppers.

The Enviro-Pros print multiple corporate logos on each bag, providing an exceptional corporate branding opportunity for our advertisers. The "hands-on" usage of the bag provides nearly a 100% view rate by shoppers. Like a walking billboard, innumerable extra views are created when the bag is used over and over again in different stores.

The Enviro-Pro shopping bag offers direct marketing opportunities as well as corporate branding. Pre-printed coupons and inserts can be distributed to retailers already inside the bag. Your sales coupon will be unloaded from the bag along with the groceries or other purchases, again insuring a nearly 100% view rate.

If you are a distributor/retailer who is also an advertiser, you get the extra benefit of tracking bag usage by scanning the UPC code printed on every bag.

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